Část I: Život a doba Johna Worrella Keelyho

1. Objev éteru: Mladá léta Johna Keelyho
2. Where the Molecules Dance: The First Decade 29
3. Prophet of the New Force: The Third Decade 56
4. The Power Millennium: Keely's Last Years 79
5. Into the Void: The Final Stage of the Keely Mystery 121
6. Anatomy of an Exposure 141
7. To Understand the Art: Keely's Discoveries 162
8. Prisoners of the Neutral Point: Keely's Antigravity Experiments 205

Part II: Secrets of Occult Technology 235

9. The Sorcerer's Apprentice: The Occult Connection 237
10. The Secret Tradition: Occult Technology and Free-Energy 293
11. Vril from Atlantis: Keely's Legacy 319
12. The Great 19th Century Airship Wave 365
13. Into the Realms of Speculation: Anomalous Documentation
and Mythological Tales 382